Attack from the right on my non-political column

By Steve Outing

My monthly Editor & Publisher Online column was published today, “Why Aren’t Newspapers Breaking Out of the Box.” It’s a look at what online editors and managers think (when speaking behind the veil) needs to be done to save the newspaper industry. (One radical idea: Put them in charge of the whole shebang — including the print edition, which would be in a subservient role to 24/7 news — or else watch the industry go down the tubes while still guided by executives afraid to make drastic and necessary corporate-wide changes.)

Oddly, my mailbox started filling up shortly after the column was posted with people commenting on it, and all saying pretty much the same thing: “We don’t read newspapers any more because the industry is so dominated by liberal journalists and editors!” Instead, I was told repeatedly, “we rely on Fox News for the real news.”

Okie-dokie. … That seems a bit bizarre, since the column doesn’t even come close to touching on politics. But the Fox News crowd filling up my inbox seems to miss the irony of complaining about alleged mainstream press bias while relying on the most blatantly biased “news” outfit on the planet. Whatever…

Anyway, I figured out that my column riled up the readers of, which highlighted my column as one of the day’s discussion points. Here’s a discussion thread on the site about my column.

I haven’t been writing as much as I used to since I left the Poynter Institute early this year and began focusing my energies on my start-up company, but I do still write a monthly E&P column. So once a month, at least, I get to experience the great columnist’s joy of being called “clueless.” :)

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