Spammers gaining?

By Steve Outing

It feels like the spammers are winning today. For the last couple days, Gmail has been letting lots of spam into my in-box — whereas typically it works great at keeping the junk in my spam folder. Have the spammers figured out how to outfox Gmail and Google hasn’t adjusted yet?

Also in the last 24 hours, one of my company’s sites,, has been hammered by a comment spammer who’s figured out how to get past what I thought was a pretty solid system for dealing with comment spam. The crap from this person showed up for only a short while before we got it and the onslaught out of public view. But it’s wasted our time dealing with it. Yuck.

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One Response to "Spammers gaining?"

  1. Jamie Carpenter
    Jamie Carpenter 10 years ago .Reply

    The problem Steve is people who work in the the Universities or Govenrment red tagged professions have been beaten down for so many years everytime they try to share information that they become afraid of the consequences. People loose their balls.. and by balls I mean grab the situation by the balls and respond for heavens sakes! I work in a government office and experience the same repression every time I try to educate the public about important information. It\'s really irritating and rather depressing. It\'s like, \"I worked here for 10 ten years, I am responding to a critical situation and some public relations spokes person is going to CUT you down no matter what you do! There are always legal consequences and circumstances to consider! Well, the legal system is a JOKE now days. Did you no that the 9th circut court in California just upheld a civil case in favor of the public school system, where some parents tried to sue the school system for asking students ages 7 to 10 years old inappropriate questions. And by inapropriate, I mean they asked the kids how often they washed them selves because they felt dirty inside, how often the kids thought about sex, how often the kids wanted to touch them selves. Can you believe that… and the court system ruled in favor of the school system claiming that parents don\'t have a right to decide what content is best for their children in school, it shoudl be left up to the school, the government, the pig headed liberal, comunistic take \"In God We Trust\" out of the dollar bill and \"Christ\" out of Chritmas. Where is this country heading? To Europe?

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