State of the art multimedia from

By Steve Outing

Want to see some absolutely stunning, cutting edge news multimedia? Look here:

Rising From Ruin: Two Towns Rebuild After Katrina from Wow.

Comment from executive producer for editorial experience Ashley Wells, which accompanied his pointer to me: “And it only took 9 months!”

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4 Responses to "State of the art multimedia from"

  1. Subir Ghosh
    Subir Ghosh 10 years ago .Reply

    Spammers, we all agree, are scums of the earth. And it takes only one pervert to understand another. I think we can never know what makes them think and act the way they do. The only thing, I believe, they have in mind is: keep at it.

  2. Ian Douglas
    Ian Douglas 10 years ago .Reply

    We get something equally baffling at It\'s a string of nonsense words, sometimes with a link that doesn\'t go anywhere and, even weirder, sometimes with no link at all.

  3. Ryan
    Ryan 10 years ago .Reply

    We see tons of this – it\'s just coming from scripts directed at any mailto: link on the Web.

  4. Derek
    Derek 10 years ago .Reply

    They\'re guessing & hoping that the form is a comment form. Spam bots inject links into any form they can find, hoping to artificially boost backlinks in Google.

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