Google Video enhanced?

By Steve Outing

I can’t find news of it, but it appears that Google Video has been upgraded. A previous annoyance has been that after you uploaded a video, it was usually several hours (often, the next day) before the video was actually published so other people could view it.

Yesterday, the video upload service was down all day, but it came back today. I uploaded a video and was pleased to see that it was available for others to see right away. Fantastic! (I should note that the video I uploaded was not native Flash, so Google Video would have had to have done a conversion, since that’s the format used by the service.)

Has anyone seen news about this apparent upgrade?

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2 Responses to "Google Video enhanced?"

  1. Amy Gahran
    Amy Gahran 10 years ago .Reply

    Steve — something similar could be said about \"women\'s magazines,\" which have generally focused on presenting a stylized, unrealistic image of women, with heavy emphasis on celebrity.

    This is one reason, I think, why BlogHer, MommyBloggers, and other places where women gather and share their stories online are extremely popular. They\'re not only participatory — they\'re more real, and thus more resonant with the community.

    Sometimes I wonder whether the long emphasis mainstream media has had on \"production quality\" was merely differentiation — as if the media organizations were saying \"We\'re doing something you could never do yourself, nyah nyah nyah….\" When in fact, communities often like and prefer to see — and put — themselves in the media picture, so to speak.

    – Amy Gahran

  2. Jon - SEO Manchester

    Google is fantastic now, “Google Video” is great and I have just started using Google Wave which isn’t the best yet but this is because I only know 3 other people with accounts…

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