Marathoning at the North Pole

By Steve Outing

In my company (the Enthusiast Group, publisher of a network of citizen-media-based online communities revolving around adventure and participant sports), I get to work with some very cool people — many of them athletes, of course.

There’s Walker Thompson, who is enthusiast-in-chief of our site. He’s a semi-pro bike racer and all-around fun and creative guy.

There’s Katie Brown, enthusiast-in-chief of (which we’re about to unveil, I hope on Wednesday), a professional climber and former world competitive climbing champion.

And there’s Brad Feld, lead investor in our little enterprise. Brad’s a venture capitalist, but he’s also an avid marathoner whose goal is to run 50 marathons in 50 states, and a marathon on every continent, by the time he’s 50. Today, we learned that Brad is going to run in the North Pole Marathon next April. Yeah, you heard right, there’s going to be a marathon at the North Pole. Wow. Brad blogged about it today.

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