Why is NYTimes.com afraid of the link?

By Steve Outing

Oh, c’mon NYTimes.com. You’ve got to be kidding! … Its article, “NBC’s Web-Only Episodes Offer ‘The Office,’ a Little at a Time,” contains NO LINK TO THE VIDEO. Writer Alessandra Stanley gets readers intrigued about seeing some Internet-only “webisodes” of the popular TV comedy The Office, but NYTimes.com editors force us to seek out the content on the Web ourselves.

That’s making it harder than it needs to be for the website’s readers. To resurrect an old term, that’s very user unfriendly of NYTimes.com.

Here’s the link to The Office webisodes, so you don’t have to go searching.

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One Response to "Why is NYTimes.com afraid of the link?"

  1. Howard Owens
    Howard Owens 10 years ago .Reply

    It\'s pretty quick loading, so the annoy factor is pretty low, but I\'m not sure I see the utility — the benefit to users. Cute trick, though.

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