Let’s go webcam fishing

By Steve Outing

This is either a very unusual marketing technique or the height of geekdom. … My Boulder friend, Chris Ryan, president of Future of News, has aimed a web-cam at his saltwater acquarium. Go to the Future of News website and click on the Fishcam link in the left column.

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4 Responses to "Let’s go webcam fishing"

  1. Howard Owens
    Howard Owens 11 years ago .Reply

    Wasn’t the first Web cam a fish cam? I seem to remember a camera pointed at a fish tank circa 1995.

    And then there was the toilet bowl cam, but I think that turned out to be phony.

  2. Larry Banner
    Larry Banner 11 years ago .Reply

    Yep. Apparently the “Fish Cam” wasn’t the first — but is the oldest continuous web cam.

    Here you go – a bit of history:


    Love this quote on their page from the Economist way back when:

    “Of the two, the fish tank [Fish Cam] is actually the more profound. In its audacious uselessness—and that of thousands of ego trips like it—lie the seeds of the Internet revolution.”

  3. Amy Gahran
    Amy Gahran 11 years ago .Reply

    Steve, I\'m amazed at how incurious and resistant to change so many people in the news biz are — when fundamentally we are all paid to be curious. Go figure.

    – Amy Gahran

  4. Jeff
    Jeff 10 years ago .Reply

    I must disagree. FogCam at San Francisco State University started a few months before the amazing fish cam. And unlike fish cam, FogCam is still running.


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