Photo of gluttonous bear is worth only 100 words

By Steve Outing has a cute story about a bear who climbed into a convertible and pigged out (how’s that for a mixed metaphor!) on pizza, beer and hard liquor. Charming, as is the photo of the bear in the car.

Tiny bearGet out your magnifying class

Alas, (and several other news sites) seriously blows it by presenting the photo postage-stamp size! 188 x 132 pixels. There’s no click-to-enlarge option. Sheesh! It’s such a great shot; how sad that we can’t see it.

Most other news sites that carried the photo also ran it small (though some not as tiny as, where I first saw it). The original photo obviously was not great quality, hence the small presentation size. But I’d say the sites would’ve done better to enlarge the original and offer a larger view, even if the sharpness degraded. There’s seldom a good excuse for running postage stamp pictures on websites. Most online users are accustomed to less-than-perfect images from camera phones, online video sites (, et al), etc.

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