A marketing experiment with a little risk

By Steve Outing

We’re trying something new on YourMTB.com: It’s this contest promotion done in conjunction with Spenco Cycling. The idea is that Spenco and YourMTB.com are giving away 10 pairs of the company’s new mountain biking gloves to registered users of YourMTB.com. To get the gloves, our users have to be among the first 10 people to post a note about why they need or deserve them, and they must agree to post a product review of the gloves on YourMTB.com after they’ve had some time to use them.

I think it’s great that Spenco was willing to give this a try. (We came up with the idea and pitched it to them.) They’ll get 10 honest reviews of their product. So there’s some risk that they could get a bad review. And if one of the glove recipients posts a negative review, Spenco has agreed not to ask us to take it down.

I really like this form of marketing. A handful of bikers are happy about getting a free product; the company gets some testimonials that it can use. We’ll see how this turns out, but I suspect the risk of a bad experience for Spenco is small. If a company has a good product and has faith in it, then it should be safe to seek consumer reviews. If your product sucks, well, then don’t try this.

This is an experiment, but I’d like to do more of these. We’ll see how it goes!

Author: Steve Outing Steve Outing is a Boulder, Colorado-based media futurist, digital-news innovator, consultant, journalist, and educator. ... Need assistance with media-company future strategy? Get in touch with Steve!

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  1. Test
    Test 10 years ago .Reply

    Hi all!


  2. Michelle Sekellick 1
    Michelle Sekellick 1 10 years ago .Reply

    To, Terry Irwin,
    My fiancee,looked just like your husband,I have the pictures to prove it… I know how your heart is breaking, Jeff was his name and he died 4/17/02 but we all used to call him the croc hunter, because of the, uncanny resembulance, of your husband. We watched your show all the time, and family members couldn\'t believe the way they looked a-like. When Jeff got killed, also, he was in a car accident,my heart was and still is broke,I know how you feel… Jeff saw and did know what your husband looked like,because we called him the croc-hunter and used to send him pictures of your husband in the mail, from magazines we would find. I saw you on TV, when you said \"I LOST MY PRINCE\", and I cried again ,because I know how you feel, Your Steve and my Jeff, looked so much alike, and even though Jeff, was just a regular guy, he ment, as much to me, as Steve ment to you. I\'m the same age as you, we both lost our \"PRINCES\", I only hope, I can help you greive, peacefully, because,I only wished you could see how much they looked alike. Please don\'t cry, he can see you, and when you think he is there, he is. Jeff was the love of my life, even though, I had to move on, and you will some day, I know you feel the same way. If you haven\'t dreamed of him already, you will!!! No one will replace either one of them, for either one of us, but at least you if you want, You have someone , who has lost the same looking man, even though, he wasn\'t the \"Croc-Hunter\" He was my \"Prince, Too\"
    God Bless You,and your children, Bindy, is already a star, a very couragous, child, and will pick up , where You and Steve left off. God Bless you, and God save you and your family, in this very,very, heart breaking time. My name is Michelle Sekellick, I live at 116 Jackson St. Port Carbon, Pa. 17965 (570)-622-3507. If you could only see how much they looked alike, you would know, that no matter how many people sent you their symponthy,all well and respected, because you had a great, teacher father, freind, and companion the world lost a GREAT CROC-HUNTER EXTRODINER, But we both lost the best companions, friends, fathers, and all around \"GOOD MATES\", we\'ll ever have. Maybe some day we both can both throw a \"
    Shrimp-on-the Barbie\" for both of them.

  3. Michelle Sekellick 1
    Michelle Sekellick 1 10 years ago .Reply

    Call me if you want, I\'ll understand if you don\'t, I just wanted you to know, that, I know how it feels………..

  4. Michelle Sekellick 1
    Michelle Sekellick 1 10 years ago .Reply

    P.S. No one needs to see that viedo, Seeing him the way he was, is all we need!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS THE CROC-HUNTER, AND HIS FAMILY!!!!!!

  5. Michelle Sekellick 1
    Michelle Sekellick 1 10 years ago .Reply

    See Ya, Mate!

  6. Sea Sun Sky Tata
    Sea Sun Sky Tata 10 years ago .Reply

    Steve, You\'re the best. You\'re my hero. I will miss you all the time.

  7. lynn branham
    lynn branham 10 years ago .Reply

    steve will be greatly missed and loved . he brought smiles to alot of children . i cant believe he is gone and we will miss him and god bless the irvin family . i know his daughter will follow in his footsteps i know my children will miss watching him love the horton family and branham family

  8. katie Royal and Fami
    katie Royal and Fami 10 years ago .Reply

    hi im katie i did an aessa about a 7 day cruise and i won a trip 2 be a zoo keeper for a week and help move crocs with you and your crew i got an A for the aessy and i\'m hurt caues youre gone i will miss you with the saying \"Crocs rule woo\" as u hold your hand up we will miss you and bindi sounds just like her pop ! The Royal Family

  9. sarah witt
    sarah witt 10 years ago .Reply

    hey terri blindi bob i am so sorry about steve\'s death it was sad to see australia\'s best mate die to the animals there are still alot of people caring for u terri and bob blindi are still here i have just finished reading stve irwin\'s book it taken me more then a year to read it because it always made me cry to bob (robert) mate dont worrie ur dad love u heaps ive meet steve once and i tell u what all he did was talk about his family and animals he said thats all i care abou god bless u steve ur a great man every one cares about you no one will forget about you

  10. daniel
    daniel 10 years ago .Reply

    Dear terri,
    i am so sorry our beloved steve died i have made several powerpoints and played them on Steve Irwin day

  11. Annie Surridge
    Annie Surridge 10 years ago .Reply

    Hi its Annie again
    I went to the zoo in 2007 and it felt like i was at Disney Land thats how big it was.
    I still remember all the animals and my favourite Alagater was Annie
    of course
    It was one of the best things i did in Queensland
    Im very exited to see how big Aussie Zoo was and how well it runs
    Love Annie Surridge

    DENNIS MARTINEZ 10 years ago .Reply


  13. Hamda
    Hamda 10 years ago .Reply

    hi bindi
    my name is hamda and iam 9 year old and i love your show, i watch it every wensday and i feel sorry that your dad is deid. i was thinging that if you give me your phone number we can chat ok. bye bindi and good night.

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