Friedman on TimesSelect

By Steve Outing

New York Times star columnist Thomas Friedman was interviewed at the Webby Awards for Check out what he says about TimesSelect, the paid service of that puts his popular column behind a paid subscription wall.

The short version: “I hate it.” Longer version: Watch the video.

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  1. […] New York Times star columnist Thomas Friedman hates having his columns behind the TimesSelect subscription wall, which makes his newspapers’ comment pages accessible to paying subscribers only. Friedman said: “It pains me enomrously because it’s cut me off from a lot, a lot of people, espeically because I have a lot of people who reading me overseas, like in India and whatnot, and so I hate it,” Friedman said in an interview conducted at last night’s Webby awards by MediaBistro, posted on YouTube, and highlighted on the blog of US new media columnist Steve Outing. […]

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