Connecting disparate dots

By Steve Outing

This strikes me as funny. In my Editor & Publisher Online column for May, I wrote about a super-busy, multimedia-literate police reporter in Florida, Rochelle Gilken, and noted that she admitted to me that in order to keep up, she uses every available bit of time — including checking e-mail on her Blackberry mobile device when waiting at red lights.

So, yesterday I came across a blog post on BBHub (The Blackberry Weblog), chiding Gilken:

Not a good idea, Rochelle. As police reporter, I am sure you have covered your share of wrecks. Do you want to be the subject of one of those reports, Rochelle?

Hey, at least she doesn’t do it while the wheels are moving. Who among us hasn’t used red-light idle time for a little quick reading?

Anyway, what I thought was interesting was how this item originated. I’m sure that BBHub’s writer uses a news search engine to look for references to “Blackberry” and came across my column — and a blog item was born. Web news and blog search makes connecting the dots so easy now.

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