Ancient digital history revisited

By Steve Outing

I left the print media at the end of 1993 and started my full-time Internet career in January 1994. If that seems like the dark ages, The Onion confirms that it was with its story, “Recently Unearthed E-Mail Reveals What Life Was Like In 1995.”

Yes, things were different back then. I too had a Compuserve address and used a 28.8 modem. In 1994 we were just starting to grasp the possible significance of this “World Wide Web” thing. … Geez, I’m truly a digital geezer!

Thanks to Howard Owens for pointing me to The Onion piece. Howard wonders if I still have a record of the conversation that was going on around 1994-95 on the Online-News discussion list, which I founded in 1994 and continues to this day, hosted by the Poynter Institute. I remember some great discussions about the future of online media from those days — but I bet reading them now, they’d be quite amusing.

I don’t know where the Online-News archives are anymore. They’re not online; I vaguely remember backing up the oldest files to a (gasp) floppy disk. It might be in a file or drawer here in my office … but it’d be a trick to find a floppy drive to read it. :)

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