Depressing newspaper outlook; depressing ads

By Steve Outing

You can’t help but see the irony in the screen-grab below:

Ironic ad placement

The story from MediaPost, “Newspaper Outlook Dubbed Deeply Depressing, Ad Business Shifting To Online,” is accompanied by an ad from the Newspaper Association of America, part of a recent (and controversial inside the industry) campaign to encourage more newspaper advertising.

The irony is that as the newspaper industry finds itself increasingly perceived as an old business that’s dying, it chooses as a theme for its ad campaign exactly the look that confirms its status as “old” media.

I’ve commented on the NAA campaign before; I think it should be dumped. The old-fashioned, Rube Goldberg-esque ads send exactly the wrong message. How about a campaign that emphasizes the power of print plus online; that shows how newspapers are no longer about print dominance and have some of the strongest websites on the Internet; that show that newspapers understand the Internet, embrace it, and aren’t fighting it?

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