Website voicemail

By Steve Outing

I’ve been checking out, which has a nifty concept even if not yet great execution. The site allows you to add a “voicemail” inbox to your website or blog. Your readers can leave you a voice message, which you can listen to privately or toggle to be public — so anyone can listen to your voicemail.

I can think of some interesting uses for this, and I’ve been toying with using it my company’s adventure-sports websites. Let’s hope the developers get a bit further along, though, and soon. The interface is bare bones; you can’t customize the voicemail box that goes on your site to my satisfaction; and a couple features in the admin interface (Notify and Chat Admin) are “Currently in development.”

Also, the $45 a year pricetag gets you a single voicemail box. How about an account that offers multiple boxes for a set fee, instead of $45 a pop? The service has promise, but at this point in it’s development I’m not sure if I’ll keep using it after the 3-day free trial.

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