EPpy winners, and a surprise for me

By Steve Outing

Hmmm. The annual EPpy Awards winners were announced today. This is the annual competition produced by Editor & Publisher and MediaWeek to select the best news sites on the Web. I was a judge (one of several dozen) again this year, as I have been for years. (Way back when, I was the original organizer of the first EPpy Awards in the mid 1990s.)

Congratulations to the top winners, Washingtonpost.com in the large-newspaper category and Roanoke.com in the smaller category. The former is keeping up its streak in the EPpies; it’s won a lot of awards over the years, and keeps doing so.

I had a light judging load this year (my request, which was granted) and only reviewed one category. Looking at the winner of that category, it didn’t match up with the entrant that I ranked as highest during my judging. That’s no huge surprise, since typically at least three judges review each category and scores are averaged. But I thought one site in particular was so superior to the other entrants, I’m surprised to have been outvoted by my fellow category judges.

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