Work and life co-exist in blog

By Steve Outing

I just noticed the design of Jemima Kiss’ personal blog, She’s a lot like me: a new-media/journalism expert who writes on that topic for her blog as well as personal items. So Kiss, who’s based in the U.K., has split her blog into two columns: “Journalism” and “Life.”

This is really what I should be doing with this blog. Indeed, since my focus is on media and I expect that people who visit here come for that, I tend to limit writing personal items. Kiss’ approach would allow me to get personal more often. Nice idea, Jemima.

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  1. Jemima Kiss
    Jemima Kiss 11 years ago .Reply

    Thanks Steve. I was just thinking that your site looks really crisp and tidy, whereas mine just kind of evolved in that scrapbook kind of way. It just seemed artifical for me to separate my work from the rest of my life, all consuming as it is!

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