Incentives and P2P

By Steve Outing

Donna Bogatin over at ZDNet noticed the beta launch of (my company’s debut website and online community), and took note of our strategy of using incentives to promote user submissions of content. She points to a UC Berkeley study (PDF document) that comes to similar conclusions as we did when building

A peer-to-peer (P2P) system will starve from resources if every user is a freeloader who only takes resources from the system but never contributes any. It is useful to develop a scheme that can incentivize users to contribute resources such as content, CPU, storage and network bandwidth.

We’ll be experimenting with to see what works best at encouraging content submissions by mountain biking enthusiasts. We’re starting with some prize giveaways, and also trying an altruistic “contest” where entrants submit content to trigger a donation by us to the main mountain biking advocacy organization. We’ll see what works best, and try different things. Stay tuned.

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