Another step: 1st press release for

By Steve Outing

It’s another of those small milestones for my company today. For our first website,, we pumped out our first press release announcing beta release of the site. It has been operating in alpha testing mode (open to the public but still buggy) with only a few friends using it. Now we begin to seek real users in earnest. … A step at a time.

Meanwhile, two other sites covering climbing and running are in the works. They should go alpha sometime next month, I hope. Editors (we call them enthusiasts-in-chief) for those sites are lined up.

If you’re a mountain biker, come check out And if that’s you, you’ll want to support IMBA, the International Mountain Biking Association (the folks who lobby to keep trails open to bikers and work to open up more trails). We’ve got a promotion going where for the first 50 people who submit a photo of themselves (biking theme) to our MTB People gallery we’ll donate $5 each to IMBA. ( also is a corporate member of IMBA.)

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