Bravo, Stephen

By Steve Outing

I’ve never taken a fancy to Stephen Colbert’s The Colbert Report. But bravo to him for his stinging performance at the White House Correspondents Dinner the other night. The comedian pulled no punches and made a lot of people in the room uncomfortable: the Bush administration for its failures and bad policies, and the White House press corps for letting them get away with it. Reports have Bush seething at the performance. (Good! … OK, so you know which way I lean.)

Here’s something odd. Type “Stephen Colbert” into the search box at and you’ll find no apparent coverage of the Colbert-insults-president brouhaha. What’s with that? I’m sorry, but this isn’t trivial. A check of Google News finds several hundred stories elsewhere about the Bush skewering. Did the Times ignore it because Colbert offended its reporters? Geez, that snub is beneath the Times. Sad.

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