Yahoo!’s star reporter

By Steve Outing

Kevin Sites is an old journalist (CNN correspondent) who became a new journalist (correspondent for Yahoo! News). Associated Press reporter Anick Jesdanun profiles Sites and his Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone feature for Yahoo!

I’m sure we’ll see many more reporters like Sites in the years ahead, operating as independent correspondents and funded by non-traditional organizations. Yahoo! News is mostly about aggregating news content from external sources; its game plan does not appear to include replicating an ABC News-like operation, but rather funding a few independent news mini-sites like Hot Zone.

I was quoted in this AP piece, and I told the reporter that Sites reminds me of the NY Times’ op-ed columnist, Nicholas Kristof, since both tend to shine spotlights on stories in parts of the world where the mainstream press is underreporting or ignoring them. Used to be that only a major news organization like NYT could afford to send a correspondent around the world the way it does with Kristof. Not so any longer, as companies like Yahoo! get into the correspondent game. I wonder what company will be next to enter the news game in this way?

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