The lost wealthy people

By Steve Outing

I went to the Boulder Adventure Film Festival Monday night; a fun event. One of my favorite films was a 15-minute “mockumentary” called The Lost People of Mountain Village. It’s about a resort area built near Telluride, Colorado, that the locals joke is abandoned because of the preponderance of absentee owners of the mega-mansions.

While the film is definitely funny, it’s also a biting social commentary about America’s culture of excess. The filmmakers analyze a stone mansion with 19 bathrooms, and a mock anthropologist suggests that since that’s clearly more than was necessary for the owners, they must have some “ceremonial” purpose.

Also great were suggestions that the rich owners perhaps became cannibals as a result of the hired help being priced out of living in the area, so the residents had to fend for themselves but had no skills at cooking — and there was no grocery store or gas station in Mountain Village. Good stuff.

I couldn’t find the film online, but you can order a DVD from Sheep Mountain Alliance, P.O. Box 389, Telluride, CO 81435, 970-728-3729. Great stuff.

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