Submit now or be doomed

By Steve Outing

As a longtime new-media evangelist (my writing over the years has largely been about encouraging “old media” to move more aggressively in taking advantage of Internet and digital opportunities), it warms my heart to read this Fortune article by David Kirkpatrick, “Does old media love the Web too much?” Excerpt:

“Some of the biggest companies seem to have stopped fighting the Web and instead fallen in love with it. They think it is better than they are — that there is no answer other than to completely submit. Almost every conversation I have with anyone connected to the newspaper industry more or less includes a troubled admission that the very concept of newspapers may be doomed.”

(Kirkpatrick’s point is actually that that’s an unbalanced view — that old and new media will all co-exist and feed off each other long term, and old media like newspapers aren’t in danger of dying.)

What’s encouraging to me is that the Internet seems to be — finally — past the “stepchild” phase. For so many of the years since I got into this business (1994), newspapers took a tentative approach to Internet initiatives. As that quote above indicates, for many old-media executives, the tipping point has been reached.

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