Could this be for real? (Um, no)

By Steve Outing

So I’m looking at Google Video and am intrigued enough to click on this video of an apparent meteor strike caught on home video, dated February 16. If that’s legit, wow! But maybe it’s a fake. I really can’t tell, and the text description to go with the video is only this: “A meteor crashes a few hundred feet from these guys, in the desert. Amazing.”

A couple things come to mind. 1) This is a great viral video, and the kind of amateur stuff that’s even more compelling than professional work. To those who pooh-pooh and the viral-video trend, I point to stuff like this as evidence that this is no short-lived fad.

2) The big problem with stuff like this is that there’s not enough information. We can’t judge whether this is fake or not. We don’t even know where the video was taken, nor anything about who took the video. What desert? Where? When? Here, I long for a bit of professionalism to put what I’ve just seen in context.

Addendum: Ah, it was a fake, as a commenter noted. A (too-)quick Google and Google News search didn’t turn up any information for me. It’d be nice if this information would find its way onto Google Video, since the meteor video is fairly high up in the “popular” category.

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