Got to-do lists?

By Steve Outing

Today I stumbled upon Remember the Milk, a nice Web to-do service. It’s quite nice, actually — very full featured for a service that has but one specific task. The developers obviously Remember the Milkhave spent a lot of time getting this right. Since my to-do list habits are rather lame — and other systems I’ve tried have failed to work with my organizational style — I’m going to give this a try. (It’s even free; I’m unclear on the business model, but I suppose ads will show up on my lists down the road.)

But here’s the thing: Remember the Milk is an Australian website. I guess that shouldn’t matter. Bandwidth isn’t really an issue; the site seems to perform fine. But I feel a bit uneasy trusting a website that I could come to rely on with my important data when its servers are on another part of the planet. (I’m not certain about that; they could reside in the U.S., for all I know.)

That’s probably irrational in 2006. … Or should I worry that an Internet backbone problem could separate me from my to-do lists from time to time? What do you think?

Addendum: As was pointed out to me, the site is hosted in the US.

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3 Responses to "Got to-do lists?"

  1. Steve
    Steve 11 years ago .Reply

    How about browser based, but not web based? Check out

  2. Allan Moult
    Allan Moult 11 years ago .Reply

    I think you can relax — remember the milk appears to be hosted in the US at

  3. Nana
    Nana 11 years ago .Reply

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