A citJ network built by Realtors

By Steve Outing

“Hyper-local citizen media” is all the rage, of course. Entrepreneurial companies like Backfence.com (co-founded by an ex-Washington Post journalist) are building citizen-journalism-driven news sites in multiple communities, mostly targeting small towns near urban centers and suburban communities. News organizations are in on the act, too, building individual citJ local news and information sites. There’s even a growing network of local citJ sites from the Scripps Co.: Yourhub.com.

But who says that news folks have a monopoly on the citJ concept as applied to local news and information? Check out MyOnlineNeighborhood.com, another network of citJ sites being built by husband-and-wife Realtors in Florida. What they’re doing is not much different from something like Backfence or Yourhub. But the intent is that the citJ sites support and drive business to local Realtors.

Here’s one of the company’s sites serving a community down the road from me: OurGoldenNews.com.

My gut says that citJ sites that succeed the most will be created by news people. But maybe that’s just my years in the journalism profession clouding my thinking. Interesting, eh?

(Thanks to Justinian Hatfield for the pointer.)

Addendum: Mark Potts of Backfence points out that MyOnlineNeighborhood “has been around for years.” I hadn’t run across them till now, so thanks, Mark. But that doesn’t negate the premise of this item.

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2 Responses to "A citJ network built by Realtors"

  1. Steve
    Steve 11 years ago .Reply

    I think it’s the other way around. 😉

    News people are trained to find the news and report it, regardless of the circumstances.

    Business people focus on finding a demand and filling it, and don’t waste time on stuff for which there’s no clear demand.

  2. Burned Before
    Burned Before 11 years ago .Reply

    MyOnlineNeighborhood are spammers trying to lock you into an incredibly high monthly rate, for which they deliver crap service. Don’t go there.

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