Plugged back in

By Steve Outing

I’m back from a week of being unplugged. My wife and I had scheduled a spring-break vacation long ago to Death Valley, with a little time on both ends in Las Vegas. (How’s that for a bizarre mix. Spending Saturday in Vegas after four days in the desert made me feel like my head was ready to explode.)

Anyway, I didn’t take my laptop. The cell phones didn’t work in Death Valley, and there were no Internet cafes. Yeah, it is nice to totally unplug for a while, to not be a slave to the e-mail monster for at least a brief period, and to be blindly ignorant to news headlines (by resisting the temptation to glance at newspaper headlines in the gift shops). But the price paid upon plugging back in is awful. I’ve spent a big chunk of today slogging through my inbox, and I’m not even close to reading everything (or deleting it) and dealing with the important stuff.

Frankly, I’d rather have an Internet cafe handy and check in every couple days, just to keep things from getting too out of control.

(If you’re going to tell me there are Internet cafes serving Death Valley, I believe the only ones are in the small towns just outside the park boundaries — where we didn’t go.)

Myster rock
What! No wi-fi?! … “The Racetrack” in Death Valley National Park, where the rocks have places to go, people to see.

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