Thanks for the logo, doc!

By Steve Outing

I think this is a cool story, and I’ve been meaning to tell it. So here goes. Below is the corporate logo for my new company (which serves people who are passionate about their sports). It was designed by a medical doctor in Turkey.

EG logo
The Enthusiast Group (EG) is building a bunch of websites, and for each of them we’re working with graphic designers. The corporate logo is less important, because most of our users won’t interact with the parent company. So we didn’t want to spend a ton of money on the logo. We wanted something simple; corporate looking, but not too formal.

We decided to put up a bid for this job on Design Outpost, a very cool service where graphic designers compete for jobs that clients post there. Client agrees to pay a modest fee, and designers post design sketches during the bidding period. When the client selects a winner, the designer produces final artwork.

I’m happy with what came out of that unusual process. But mostly I was surprised to learn that our winning designer is a medical doctor practicing in Turkey, who happens to love design, is good at it and does it as a (paying) hobby. What a cool world we live in where this kind of thing is now commonplace. :-)

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