More coolness from Adrian Holovaty

By Steve Outing

One of the earliest and best Google Maps mashups is Adrian Holovaty’s, which takes publicly accessible Chicago crime data and gloms it onto a satellite/street map in all sorts of interesting and flexible ways. Now Holovaty, who is a Chicago-based Web technologist for, has added a new and cool feature:

Crimes in the database are now linked with crime writeups from the Chicago Journal newspaper. Here’s the site, and here’s a sample writeup + map. Below is a screen grab of what the map part looks like.

Crime map
Nice! … Shouldn’t this sort of thing be on, say, the Chicago Tribune’s website? Yeah, Holovaty works for another company. But is a labor of love for him; from what I know from talking to him, there’s no money in it. (The site doesn’t even use Google AdSense.)

Keep an eye on his little side-project empire, too. Holovaty tells me he’s got some other similar stuff that’ll debut one of these days.

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  1. Mark
    Mark 11 years ago .Reply

    This isn’t quite as sexy as Chicago crime, but I think it MAY be more useful to our readers than a crime map. :-)
    will be active on our site April 6.

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