‘I’m majoring in blogging’

By Steve Outing

The other day I mentioned the new open-blogging initiative at the University of Colorado’s Campus Press. Since then, a bunch of folks in the CU community have begun blogging, so I suggest you take a look to get an idea of the type of content you get when you open up stuff like this to the public. So far, it’s a predictable mixed bag, and some of it (predictably) is silly but fun stuff, like this blog entry from “Do Not Read”:

“So I’m at the dining hall with my friend Annie today and in case you’re not aware I have a tendency to play with my food. On this particular day I finally discovered that there is JELLO at the salad bar. I’ve eaten here since August and have never once known about it. What a fucking tragedy. I decide to get over my sadness and make up for all the B.J. (‘before Jell-O’) days by building the tallest Jell-O tower I can construct. Annie dares me that I can’t do it. So of course I have to try.”

I suspect students will eat this up. … To start a blog on the Campus Press website, you need to be part of the CU community (student, faculty or staff).

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