Comments and trackbacks live happily together

By Steve Outing

I’m using WordPress for this blog; it’s the first time I’ve used it. I’m using a theme (a.k.a., template) from Binary Moon. I didn’t plan for this — it seems to be the default — but my blog combines user comments on my items with trackbacks to other bloggers who link to or comment about my blog items.

I wasn’t expecting that and my initial inclination was to figure out how to have separate comments and trackbacks. But then I decided that I like it this way. Why not combine user comments that are posted directly to my blog with comments about my items that just happen to be posted somewhere else? It makes sense.

Here’s an example of comments on one of my items that combine inside and outside comments. A more traditional approach of separating user comments and trackbacks can be seen in this example from CNET’s; scroll to the bottom of the article. ( calls its user comments “talkbacks.”)

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