A night of home theater, courtesy of Craigslist

By Steve Outing

My mountain-biking group here in Bouder had a get-together last night — a potluck dinner followed by a biking movie (“Earthed3: Europa“: lots of nice MTB action but weak on plot or character development!). One of our members has turned a basement family room into a home theater, complete with two rows of real theater seats and risers so the folks in the back row can see well.

Here’s the part I found interesting: The set-up was all found and purchased via Craiglist. (The theater seats originally came from a theater in Los Angeles; a guy in Denver advertised them via Craig.) I hear this sort of thing so often from people I know. How did we ever survive before Craigslist came to town? … Oh, yeah, newspaper classifieds.

(And if you want to see a decent movie about mountain biking, I highly recommend “Off Road to Athens.” It actually has some personality and pathos. My wife, a non-MTBer, even enjoyed it.)

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